AgroTronic Farms Ltd

Empowering Growers, Enriching Consumers

Part of JBS Capacitors Group.

Introducing a grower-focused, eco-friendly and cost- effective framework for farm automation via ....

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Farming Rovers & Intelligent Robotics

Autonomous & Web-Connected

Durable & Low-Cost

Generalised across variety of Farm/Horticulture Tasks

Irrigation & Monitoring Hardware

Robots alone are not the solution

Supplementary hardware provides means for 100 % autonomy

For micro-growers who do not need extensive hardware

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Fintech, MarketPlace & Consumer End-Points

We consider the grow process in its entirity, building novel fintech & blockchain solutions on-top of the core framework

Further details & a dedicated page for our fintech aspects will be available soon…..

On discussing our approach with farmers, academia, traders and surveying general public acrross India & United Kingdom, we arrived at the following conclusions...

90% of people 18-35 Have never considered farming as a primary or secondary means of income

Cost and know-how Are the two main barriers to adoption of new AgriTech

More than 75% Of respondents said they would consider remote farming via our platform

For consumers in the UK & India traceability of crops & produce is increasingly Important

Growers are wary of fragmentation of digital & physical toolsets

95% of respondents feel the Agriculture Sector needs Innovation at a faster pace

Trials & Demonstrations..

Outdoor Range of Motion Test

Milestones & Road-Map...


JBS Group establishes Culture Division & forays into Agri-Tech


Labour & Effeciency Problems cause JBS Group to draw down commercal growing activities. Board initiates R&D into Automation & Robot Technologies


JBS delivers A.I & Self-Driing Technology solutions across sectors in the UK


Prototype Robots & Hardware Produced. Test Plots Active in India. Agrotronic Farms Ltd. Incorporated.


Expand to early commercial trials and active grow plots across U.K & India. First batch of Robots & Hardware to be deployed in a semi-scalable manner. Demonstrate economic viability & effeciency of growing using Agrotronic Hardware & Software.


Begin production of newer Robot models. Deploy harvest arms & platforms for selected crops. Scale up fintech solutions & launch token via ICO. Expand to 50 commercal farm sites across U.K, Europe & Asian markets.